Case Studies


Very often I am asked what kind of diseases can homeopathy treat. The answer is that with homoeopathy we do not treat diseases, we treat people. This is why we spend so much time trying to understand the patient as much as possible.  Once we understand the individuality of the patient, we can find the right remedy that will stimulate the organism to heal itself. We can also form an idea about how long time  will take for the patient to come back to balance.  With the case studies that follow you could appreciate the homoeopath’s struggle to understand the patient and the amazing results that take place when the target is hit!

November 2009, A lively young boy of six was brought to me after being diagnosed with Vitiligo over his right eye. It had started to spread and 12 months on it had formed in to a patch over the right eye and side of his face. This was now causing the young boy some anxiety as people began to notice the markings on his skin. The GP had prescribed a cream which listed amongst its side-effects severe itching. The boy’s parents, wisely, refused to use it and they  asked me if I could help. 

The boy was thin, nervous and restless, was getting very warm in bed and as a result was uncovering him self at night. He was also very sensitive to the heat of the sun. On the mental- emotional level he was very curious, has fear of being alone, and was very orderly. I started the case with a dose of Sulphur 200C with no big results. During the follow-up I learned that he had unexplained pains on his left knee for a few months, the totality of the symptoms together with this new information led me to prescribe Arsenicum Sulphuratum Flavus 200C. Within 2 months the vitiligo started to reverse and six months later the Vitiligo had almost completely gone and the young man could get on with playing without people staring at him. A year later the condition started to relapse and another dose of the remedy quickly restored the skin back to normal.