Acupuncture and homeopathy in the treatment of scars.

Most people think that scars following operations or injuries affect us just cosmetically. The reality is that a scar also deeply affects the flow of energy in the body. This disturbance can manifest as chronic pain, stiffness, numbness in the area of the scar or in parts that are far away from the original site. For example, in some people an appendicitis scar can create problems like pain in the right side of the neck or right-sided headaches.

At some point in the treatment of my patients I always treat their scars with specific needling techniques that are unique to the Japanese tradition of Acupuncture that I practice. The effect of a treatment like this can be very dramatic. I remember a case of a fifty-year-old woman who at the age of twenty had a long metal rod inserted into the whole length of her spine in order to correct her congenital scoliosis. Since then she had been suffering from chronic back pain and stiffness that was controlled only with painkillers. After only one treatment of the scar the pain improved by 90%; after the second one there was no pain at all. A year later she had a slight relapse and one more treatment was necessary. She was amazed with the result and told me that she was feeling like a completely different person.

Last but not least, the scars that I really enjoy treating are the scars from mental or emotional trauma. Grief, anger or fright can create deep scars that could manifest as asthma, stomach ulcers, sleeplessness, depression etc. In these cases Homeopathy is my main tool.

It is a pleasure to see people transformed a few weeks after receiving the right Homeopathic remedy. I remember a case of a forty-year-old man that developed a severe fear of being alone in the dark after he was trapped in a narrow tube while playing when he was seven years old. The problem vanished two days after one dose of a Homeopathic remedy. If he had been prescribed this remedy at the age of seven, he may have averted all those years of fear of the dark.

The more I practice Acupuncture and Homeopathy the more I am amazed at the gentle, quick and permanent cures that they bring to people’s lives. The treatment of scars is just one example.


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