A holistic approach to the treatment of musicians problems 2

As you see an important word in the tittle of these articles in holistic. The word comes from the  Greek word ”????” “holon” that means complete, all of it, inclusive of everything. So holistic approach is one that includes the whole human being, the whole musician who suffers from a specific problem. It means that the whole body-mind is addressed. A painkiller targets the body, a psychotherapist targets the mind. In my  experience though, frequent lessons with a good Alexander teacher has amazing results in teaching someone a way of returning to the use of body/mind that Mother Nature intended. This natural use of the self is an amazing medicine for pains that musicians have. This opinion stems from my own experience and here is my story:

When I first entered the Trinity College of Music, due to various stresses, I started experiencing severe headaches after practicing. I would feel tension on the right side of my neck, that would develop to a headache. With this headache the only thing I could do was to go to bed, keep still and sleep. The pain was related with the way I was using my right arm in my playing, I am a cellist. I visited a physio, two osteopaths,  two acupuncturist and there was no relief. I practiced yoga and taichi which although they improved my overall health did not resolve the issue. Only after a series of lessons with my first Alexander teacher I found complete relief and the problem never came back!

So my next advice is please find a good Alexander teacher!


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